As the "Russell-Zersetzen" Report describes, Zersetzen starts with character assassination and slander – Its initial purpose is to render its victim unemployable and ostracized from the community.


Shots fired, vehicles driven at us, our children threatened – We have been subjected to intrusive “in your face” surveillance, had our home staked out, and been victimized by cyberbullying, ongoing stalking and numerous threats - many of which are witnessed. All of our communications - telephone, email, and mail - are tapped and interfered with.

The Zersetzen formula is: First to slander & character assassinate -- Then to threaten, intimidate & harass -- Then to cover-up by ensuring no investigation takes place -- Then to say you are nuts when you complain about the cover-up.

Read this report and you will know exactly what Zersetzen is:

This report is a 125 page chronological account of the various incidents of intimidation, harassment, & threats that have happened, and of the high level cover up conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Zersetzen is a process that was developed by the former East German secret police, the STASI, to persecute dissidents. Today some Spy agencies in the "Five Eyes" countries (CSIS / CSEC in Canada, MI5 / MI6 / GCHQ in UK, etc.) are illegally using Zersetzen techniques to persecute innocent citizens on behalf of power elites and corporate interests - and for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with national security.

Sometimes called Cointelpro, Zersetzung or No-Touch Torture, Zersetzen combines Character Assassination and Slander with Intimidation, Harassment, Surveillance, Cyberbullying and Threats. Not the bloodier medieval form of torture, Zersetzen is a more sophisticated "Orwellian" form of torture that was developed to cause "severe and prolonged suffering" without leaving marks.

The "Russell-Zersetzen" Report is the blueprint on Zersetzen.

To view the 125 page "Russell Zersetzen" Report:

The Russell-Zersetzen Report comes in two versions – A PDF version, and a Microsoft OneNote version. The PDF version is easier to download. However, I recommend viewing the Report in the OneNote version as there are numerous attachments referred to within the "Russell-Zersetzen" Report that only open in OneNote.

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How to Read This Report:

The Russell-Zersetzen Report starts with an index ( Table of Contents ) that lists the incidents both geographically and as to type of incident -- click here to view the table of contents:

Firstly take a look at the table of contents..

The Report is split into sections that represent the main places where Zersetzen has occurred and lists them on a chronological basis - Vancouver, London & Yarm, Manchester & Calgary. In its last section, this Report outlines the degree of the Cover-up (denial of Justice). All incidents are referenced B1 to M5.

A secondary division within each of the sections are sub-sections, or sub-pages, where longer items can be detailed.
The key:
  • Sections B to H - Itemizes the various Zersetzen threats including: intrusive surveillance and electronic surveillance, intimidation, harassment, death threats, street theater and stalking.
  • Sections B2, C3, G2, J1, J2 - Telephone tapping, email interference, mail interception, electronic harassment, cyberbullying
  • Sections K to M - Outlines the denial of justice and the cover-up conspiracy. Provides details of my correspondence with CSIS, SIRC, etc..

Items that have an independent source of corroboration for verification purposes are indicated by a Color tag

The Russell-Zersetzen Report is a written review of what Zersetzen is about and of my personal experiences with Zersetzen. This topic is also covered in the VIDEO, but in less detail. See "VIDEO - Zersetzen Documentary".

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