Zersetzen is a process of character assassination and threats developed by the former communist East German secret police, the “STASI”, to persecute dissidents. Shockingly as our Spy Agencies morph into a secret police, they are using Zersetzen today to persecute whistle blowers and enemies of power elites. Zersetzen is the biggest threat to democracy since the cold war. The purpose of this paper is to provide examples - precedents - of where Zersetzen / Cointelpro has happened to others, and to do so in a way that you can check the facts out on the internet for yourself. Some 25 cases of Zersetzen in the UK, Canada and USA are reviewed.

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This report above refers to the following attachments which could not be included in the paper - here they are:

Pages 6 & 23 refer to Stephen Knight’s book – “The Brotherhood.”

Page 25 refers to an article by a Canadian intelligence operative in Lobster Magazine – “CSIS and the Canadian Stasi.”

Page 25 refers to a former Arms Company Chairman’s critical speech on Spy Agencies: