Hi-Tech Assaults by CSIS

Until recently, Zersetzen had been for us a very nasty campaign of threats, harassment and intimidation, combined with professionally spread slanders designed to blacklist me. These incidents are documented and listed in the “Russell Zersetzen” report which is, by itself, a blueprint on the illegal use of Zersetzen by our own security services.

It is only in the last 2 years, and after a warning to “STOP” complaining, that these more traditional persecutory tactics were augmented by a Hi-Tech form of attack that targets me when I am asleep in bed and causes me to toss around bawling and shouting incoherently. The process stops when my wife wakes me up and I am left with a beetroot red face, a headache and general drowsiness.

Sometimes called "electronic harassment" the most likely culprit is the misuse by CSIS of microwave and/or infrasound technology.

Last month MacLean’s Magazine published an article titled “How Canadian diplomats in Cuba are being acoustically attacked” that describes the use of this technology by Spy Agencies to create unsettling symptoms in their (diplomat) victims. Read the article for yourself


Below is a link to a 12 page document ("Microwaves & CSIS") that describes our experience of CSIS's use of microwave technology against us, and how we can prove that these assaults are happening.

As the document shows, there is clear evidence linking written comments of mine and the "microwave" assaults that follow on. It seems that these microwave assaults are done in revenge for comments of mine that are critical of the security services or of the failure of their political oversight.

Seventeen of these microwave assaults are described in the document below:

There is nothing new about the use of microwave technology as a weapon. Over 10 years ago Dr. Reinhardt Munzert in an article "The Misuse of Microwave Weapons by Criminals and Terrorists" wrote that such devices could be built with only a "basic knowledge of electronics".

In an article on November 12, 2017 the US Magazine POLITICO described the use of such weaponry as a "particularly nasty form of covert attacks". Open "Microwaves & CSIS" and see for yourself.

Zersetzen is Political: Recent letter to Hon Kent Hehr MP

Nothing is more threatening to our democracy than the illegal links that are forming between power elites and our secret security / intelligence agencies. It does seem that these Spy agencies are fast morphing into a secret police. Zersetzen is not the tool of a democratic State. Developed in the former communist east block, Zersetzen is the tool of a totalitarian State.

Some of our security agencies are becoming a law unto themselves and, where they are involved, our elected politicians don't seem to matter much.

Zersetzen also involves the intentional shutdown of all the normal avenues for the resolution of grievances. It is about a deliberate "failure to protect" its citizens by government. As a result of this there is a complete "denial of justice". Where the secret spy agencies are involved, the Rule of Law no longer applies

Zersetzen is very much a political matter.

Unfortunately our politicians are too scared of our Spy Agencies to rein them in. Once the secret intelligence agencies are involved, people are too scared to help - police, politicians, lawyers, human rights agencies, media. All the support structures and the institutions that one normally relies upon for justice simply freeze up. The rules are still there, but they are not followed

This paper "Russell-Zersetzen" was recently filed with the Hon. Kent Hehr MP, my local Member of Parliament and a Canadian Cabinet Minister. I have also filed the 'Russell-Zersetzen" Report with the United Nations in Geneva to put these human rights abuses on the record.

My covering letter below to Mr. Hehr summarizes my 125 page complaint into 4 pages and is worth glancing at before viewing the more detailed "Russell-Zersetzen" report. Here it is:

Letter to Hon Kent Hehr MP as annotated.doc

The conclusion of the above covering letter to Mr. Hehr is a request for justice in Canada:

"Mr. Hehr, my wife and I would like your help in ensuring that these serious crimes are properly investigated. Failing an honest investigation by the Authorities, one can assume that the authorities are pretending not to believe us. I should then be charged and prosecuted for the very serious accusations that I have made - this matter has been covered up for far too long."
Indeed a Zersetzen persecution could not happen if there was adequate political supervision of our security / intelligence agencies. I followed up this letter to Mr. Hehr with an email that further defines why my complaint is a political matter -- Here is an extract from my letter to Mr. Hehr MP:

"These abuses are a political matter in Canada not just because they are about illegal activities by the security services …. but also because my family and I are being denied that most basic of all human rights in Canada: "the Rule of Law".
Click here for explanatory email

View the "Russell-Zersetzen" Report and/or The Zersetzen Documentary Video for the blueprint on Zersetzen. Zersetzen is more than a nasty persecution technique, it is a serious threat to our democracy.

It is hard to see how a country can arbitrarily choose to ignore the rule of law and still be considered a democracy.

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