Zersetzen Torture - A Threat to our Democracy

It’s just like the STASI treated dissidents in the former communist East Germany, except that this Human Rights Abuse is happening here today.

Zersetzen is a process that was developed by the former East German secret police, the "STASI", to persecute dissidents.

Today some of our own Spy agencies in the "Five Eyes" countries (CSIS / CSEC in Canada, MI5 / MI6 / GCHQ in UK, etc.) are illegally using these "secret police" Zersetzen-style techniques to persecute and bully innocent citizens on behalf of power elites and corporate interests - and for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with national security.

Zersetzen combines character assassination and slander with intimidation, harassment, surveillance, cyberbullying and threats. Not the normal bloodier medieval form of torture, Zersetzen is a more sophisticated “Orwellian” form of torture that was developed to cause "severe and prolonged suffering" without leaving marks.

Sometimes called Cointelpro, Zersetzung or No-touch torture, Zersetzen poses the biggest threat to our democracy since the end of the cold war. Since our politicians believe that the secret security/intelligence agencies can destroy their careers they are too scared of them to rein them in. Indeed once the Spy agencies are involved people are too scared to help and all normal support structures and avenues for resolving grievance simply freeze up. Zersetzen is about overriding the rule of law.

According to their own leaked documentation, the stated intention of some of these Spy agencies is to cause "Physiological", "Cognitive", and "Affective Stress" in their targeted victims using methods designed, in their own words, to disrupt, destroy, diffuse and discredit these victims.

A 28 minute VIDEO "The Zersetzen Documentary" has been made which, together with two written papers on Zersetzen, is presented below to better explain it.

The 2 Papers & Video are:
  1. Video: The Zersetzen Documentary
  2. Paper: Zersetzen 25 Precedents
  3. Paper: Russell Zersetzen

1- VIDEO: "The ZERSETZEN Documentary"

This 28 minute VIDEO describes a Zersetzen persecution against a completely innocent family by the Spy agencies of the UK and Canada. The Video "The Zersetzen Documentary" is available on YouTube in two parts.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 2 of the above Video contains slides that the Spy agencies are actually using today to train their operatives in the use of Zersetzen techniques.

As their slides prove, the stated intention of these Spy agencies is to achieve "Physiological", "Cognitive" and "Affective Stress" in their targeted victims using methods designed, in their own words, to "Disrupt", "Destroy", "Diffuse" and "Discredit" these victims.

The above YouTube VIDEOS are also embedded at this Web Site:


Check this Documentary VIDEO out for a complete blueprint on Zersetzen, and for an answer to the obvious questions: Why should you care anyway? How might Zersetzen affect you?

2- Paper: "Zersetzen 25 Precedents"

Here are the experiences of other victims of Zersetzen. The purpose of this paper is to provide examples – precedents – of where Zersetzen / Cointelpro has happened to others. Some 25 cases of Zersetzen are reviewed.

These victims of Zersetzen include Nobel Laureates, Company Chairman and senior Diplomats.You can check their individual stories out for yourself on the internet.

This Paper also includes an overview of what various experts have said about Zersetzen; including a U.S. Senate Committee and the Stasi themselves.

3- Paper: "Russell Zersetzen"

This report is a 125 page chronological account of the various incidents of intimidation, harassment, & threats that have happened, and of the high level cover up conspiracy to pervert justice. It is my testimony. It is also well-witnessed as 120 of these incidents are independently corroborated.

Basically the "Russell Zersetzen" Report is a blue print of Zersetzen. Read this report and you will know exactly what Zersetzen is. Some of our Spy agencies are completely out-of-control. They are morphing into an East Block-style "secret police" and this poses a severe threat to democracy. Zersetzen is very evil stuff. It is designed to break individuals and destroy families.

The "Russell Zersetzen" Report comes in two versions – A PDF version, and a Microsoft OneNote version. The PDF version is easier to download. However, I recommend viewing the Report in the OneNote version as there are numerous attachments referred to within the "Russell Zersetzen" Report that only open in OneNote.

This paper "Russell Zersetzen" has been filed in several different jurisdictions, including the United Nations in Geneva to put these human rights abuses on the record. My covering letter below to the UN summarizes my 125 page complaint into 4 pages and is worth glancing at before viewing the more detailed Russell Zersetzen report:

To view the 125 page "Russell Zersetzen"Report:

Click below to view Russell Zersetzen in PDF Format ~

Click below to view Russell Zersetzen n Microsoft OneNote format ~


or http://tinyurl.com/sellZersetzen1Note

Zersetzen is designed "to poison every aspect of a person’s life".


The Zersetzen Formula Summarized

In typical Stasi-style the Zersetzen formula used is -- First to slander & character assassinate -- Then to threaten, intimidate & harass -- Then to cover-up by ensuring no investigation takes place -- Then to say you are nuts when you complain about the cover-up.

Zersetzen is about:
  • Slander & Character Assassination
  • Surveillance
  • Stalking
  • Intimidation
  • Harassment
  • Threats

  • Was developed by the East German secret police - the STASI - to persecute dissidents
  • Is illegally used today by rogue elements in the secret security / intelligence agencies of:
    • USA
    • UK
    • Canada
  • To persecute -
    • Whistle-blowers
    • Enemies of establishment power-elites
    • Those with knowledge that could
      shame power-elites

Zersetzen replaces "rule of law":

  • And compromises the integrity of our democratic institutions -
    • Zersetzen overrides the "rule of law" as its perpetrators are Spy Agencies that operate with impunity above the law
    • Police, Politicians, etc. are too scared of these Spy agencies to intervene
    • All normal avenues of grievance are removed; Zersetzen requires a high-level cover-up to pervert justice

  • Not the old fashioned medieval form of torture, Zersetzen was developed to cause "severe and prolonged suffering" without leaving marks.

Zersetzen is also known by other names:
    • Cointelpro
    • D & D ("Disrupt and Discredit")
    • Vigorous Harassment
    • No Touch Torture
    • Zersetzung

Zersetzen is a secret police tool, and not the tool of a legitimate security / intelligence agency.

Zersetzen is about the failure of effective political oversight of the security / Intelligence agencies.

Also view the URL https://confirming.wikispaces.com for further information on Zersetzen.

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