Examples of where Zersetzen has happened to others.

Spy Agencies and Disinformation:

Zersetzen is a process of character assassination and threats developed by the former East German secret police, the Stasi, to persecute dissidents. Shockingly as our Spy Agencies morph into a secret police they are using Zersetzen today to persecute whistleblowers and enemies of power elites. Zersetzen is the biggest threat to democracy since the cold war.

Zersetzen is a secret police tool and, not surprisingly, its practitioners in our Spy Agencies want to keep it a secret. So they use a whole barrage of "disinformation" tactics (and threats) to assist in this purpose.

This "disinformation" has included heavy use of internet trolls, spreading fake news about genuine victims to discredit them, having Agent's Provocateur act as victims, or encourage nuts to do so, and then make ludicrous claims that discredit the process.

So how do you tell the difference between genuine victims of Zersetzen and nuts? Well, for a start nuts don’t have witnesses; but genuine victims often do.

The Litmus Test that I apply is this: Genuine victims will usually have some corroborative evidence - eye witness testimony, recordings of threats, property damage, etc. - to back up some of the incidents. They will have tried to get the matter investigated and will also have evidence of a cover-up.

Purpose of Paper "Zersetzen - 25 Precedents":

So the purpose of this paper "Zersetzen - 25 Precedents" is to counter the disinformation by providing examples - 25 precedents - of where Zersetzen / Cointelpro has indeed happened to others, and to do so in a way that you can check the facts out on the internet for yourself. Consider this:
  1. Some 25 cases of Zersetzen in the UK, Canada and USA are reviewed in "Zersetzen - 25 Precedents". As you can see for yourselves, these reported victims of Zersetzen include Nobel Laureates, Company Chairman and senior Diplomats. You can check their individual stories out for yourself on the internet.
  2. The Paper also includes an overview of what various experts have said about Zersetzen; including a U.S. Senate Committee and the Stasi themselves.
  3. And then, of course, there are the Snowden revelations (see below). Here slides, that are actually used by one of the Spy Agency's (GCHQ), to train their operatives in Zersetzen techniques, were leaked to the public

Here is the report -- Click below to open, or to download it:

Page 25 of the above "Zersetzen 25 Precedents" report refers to an article by a former Canadian intelligence operative that was published in Lobster Magazine – “CSIS and the Canadian Stasi.” This is the article. Click below to read it:

Page 25 also refers to a former international Arms Company Chairman’s critical speech on Spy Agencies. This is the article. Click below to read the article:

RR Comments: Edward Snowden's Documents

PROOF, from their own documentation, that Spy Agencies in the "Five Eyes" are practicing Zersetzen programs .

Edward Snowden published some leaked documentation, marked top secret, from the UK's signals/electronic intelligence service - GCHQ - that confirms that GCHQ is training its staff in the illegal use of Zersetzen-style secret police tactics, and that they are sharing their training material with others in the "Five Eyes" intelligence community.

This documentation was placed on the internet by NBC and others. I was asked to comment on it. Below are my written comments together with the URLs of where this documentation can be found on the internet.

The documents that Snowden revealed spell out tactics regarding how to commit illegal "dirty tricks," how to destroy a target's reputation, how to overwhelm and control the internet with phony posts and how to spread disinformation. Indeed according to their own leaked documentation (from the UKs GCHQ), these Spy agencies are training some of their operatives in the use of Zersetzen-style techniques with the stated intention of causing "Physiological", "Cognitive", and "Affective Stress" in their targeted victims using methods designed, in their own words, to disrupt, destroy, diffuse and discredit these victims.

It is very clear that the UK's Spy Agencies are training their staff in the use of Zersetzen secret police tactics. Here are my comments on (and some of the slides from) GCHQ's illegal training program in Zersetzen/Cointelpro-style activities. Read my comments below and check them out for yourself

Slide Zersetzen Cover-up.PNG

Based on your own readings of the stuff NBC put on the internet, I hope that you will agree with my conclusion:

What Mr. Snowden is referring to, and what we continue to experience, is a process of persecution whose stated objectives are to "create cognitive, physiological and affective stress" in their targeted victims

These are secret police tactics; not those of a legitimate security / intelligence Agency.